Keep Calm and Push Through

Sometimes stress has a tendency to interfere with my creativity and I have let the stresses of my job interfere with my writing.  As I sit here on Staff Duty on another weekend away from my son I contemplate and analyze the career decisions that have brought me to this point.  I am angry that I have to spend another Saturday away from my son but I have made a list of things that I would not have accomplished if I had not been in the situation that I am.

Sometimes the discomfort of a situation is a sign that we are growing and being elevated.  The transformation that I have gone through in the last 3 years has been uncomfortable.  I imagine it to be the same way as a grain of sand transforms itself to a pearl deep inside the entrails of an oyster.  As the sand irritates the oyster the oyster coats the sand with minerals that eventually create a precious pearl.



My tour as a Drill Sergeant has been really difficult for me. Trying to balance being a single parent and being the best at my job has proved itself to be most difficult and I understand that it is impossible to be both. One is going to suffer but had I never been in this position I would not have had the opportunity to be stretched and elevated.

Things that I have accomplished as a result of being a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army.

  1. I received a promotion to the rank of SSG in my second year on the trail as a Drill Sergeant.
  2. I learned how to run a platoon and coordinate training.
  3. I have learned to work with people who I knew for a fact did not have my best interest at heart.
  4. I have learned to be compassionate towards others.
  5. I have learned to really mentor Soldiers.
  6. I have learned how complete task with little to no resources.
  7. I have learned to manage my time.
  8. I have learned the art of energy management and made the best of the little rest I do get on a daily basis.
  9. I have learned the importance of staying healthy and treating my body well.
  10. I have learned the importance of having a village to assist me with raising my son to be a productive citizen.
  11. I have learned the importance of being humble in all things and asking for assistance when I need it.
  12. I have learned the importance of not over thinking and sometimes just going with the flow.
  13. I have discovered how important it is to make GOD a priority in my life to keep me level-headed and mentally sound.
  14. I have learned to talk to someone if I have a problem that I might not be able to fix.
  15. I have discovered that seeking advise is better than setting yourself up for failure.
  16. I have gained the motivation to write about my experiences and help others

I am noticing that there are a lot of items that I have listed start out with I have learned which means I have learned a plethora of lesson while on this journey that initially I was not interested in going on.  Anyone who knows me knows that it was not my plan to be a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army.  It was a situation in which the universe forced me on this path in order to learn the lessons that I needed to learn to elevate to the next level.  Though it was uncomfortable I have now discovered that this journey that I am on ways for my own good and without the discomfort of this journey, I would not have received the lessons and the blessing that I have received.

The process of elevation is very much uncomfortable but very necessary because you will never forget the feeling that you had while learning those lessons that will prepare you for the next level.

Ayan Mobley


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